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Hi! I am AAmir Awan, a professional blogger who has been working since 2012 in different fields on the internet. AAmir Awan mostly loves to write on Blogging, SEO, Making Money online, Web Designing and Web Development Related Topics. Read More..

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Get Payoneer MasterCard in Pakistan – Urdu Video Tutorial

Payoneer is a well known internet based financial service that helps users to send and receive money by using prepaid MasterCard anywhere in the world. Payoneer was established back in 2005 and due to their best services its get more popularity and nowadays different companies are already registered it and you can easily withdraw your money by using your Payoneer account. If you’re from Pakistan than it’s more helpful for you because PayPal is not available in Pakistan so you can use its big alternative “Payoneer” and easily send & receive money online.
You can do more than your expectations by using your Payoneer account because if you’re freelancer and work on some popular freelancing websites than you can easily receive payments in just few minutes however if you want to buy something from internet than you can also use your Payoneer Debit Card and purchase anything that you want. There is also some other benefits of Payoneer MasterCard that we will discussed below with fully detail.

How to Do Keyword Research (Urdu/Hindi)

Keyword research is very important part of your blog and without proper keyword research you can’t rank your website high in search engines, so we must need to know deeply about how this process works and how we can easily do a proper keyword research and after it we can put them in our article or if you want to build one micro niche website on any topic then you can also choose one specific keyword that is more popular in search results, so you can easily rank in search results and get more traffic to your website.
There is also some other important things that you must need to consider while you’re doing keyword research for example, you also must need to consider that a keyword popularity, keyword competition and PPC( Pay Per Click) because if you’re used adsense or any other PPC advertisement network on your blog then you also need to consider PPC of each keyword, so these all things we will discussed in our video tutorial that helps you to learn that how you can do a proper keyword research and rank your website higher in SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).

How To Make Money With Themeforest in (Urdu/Hindi)

Make Money With Themeforest
Making Money online from Internet is becoming a profession nowadays and everyone that have some good knowledge about internet can easily earn some handsome money. Their is a different ways that you can use and earn money from internet that we already disused in our previous tutorials but today we will going to share one another simple and easy way of earning money online and you can earn some handsome money by using this way and there is not need to have deep knowledge about anything, just understand the basic points and then go ahead and start earning money with themeforest.

How to Earn Money with Fiverr in Urdu/Hindi (Video Tutorials)

Earn Money with Fiverr in Urdu/Hindi
You may already know about some people, who already earned some handsome from internet by doing different tasks and there is a different ways that you can use and make money online and we try to share every single method of making money online in our upcoming video tutorials but today we’re going to share something about that helps you to understand its each part more simply and easily.
Fiverr is one of the biggest marketplaces on internet, where millions of peoples comes on daily basis and share their services for just $5 but if you have some good skills and you know that how you can turn your skills into money than you can easily earn millions of dollars from fiverr. If you’re thinking to start work on fiverr then first of all you must need to have some deep knowledge about anything, for example if you have good skills about designing professional logos or writing high quality articles then you can easily offer you skills to worldwide people and get different advantages from them.

Learn Blogging and Earn Money Ways in Urdu/Hindi

If you already visited our website on daily basis then you must know that, we will provide different blogging, SEO, Make Money and some other technology stuff, but our all articles are written in English language that is little bit difficult to understand for some Pakistani & Indian brothers and they mostly comments below posts in Urdu language that how to do it that we already discussed in our post, so we will decided to provide one video tutorial with each post in Urdu/Hindi language that helps you to understand everything easily.

How to Align Pictures in Blogger Posts

How to Align Pictures in Blogger Posts
Whenever you’re going to align pictures horizontally in blogger posts, you must face some problems because you can’t add all pictures side by side. Blogger alignment options like (left, right, center) are also don’t work for you so you must need to understand some basic steps that helps you to align images in blogger posts.
If you have basic knowledge about HTML then its helps you to learn it but if you don’t know about it then don’t worry because below we will explained everything with fully detail and you can easily align images in blogger posts after learning this tutorial.

How To Get Thousands of Visitors to Your Next Blog Post

We already shared different tutorials about increasing traffic on your blog posts but today we will going to share one another tutorial about how you can get thousands of visitors to your next blog post. If you’re already receiving some good amount of traffic on your latest published posts then you’re going on right way but if you’re getting just few views on your latest published posts then here will share some interesting tips that how you can make one time visitor to revisit your blog that helps you to get more views on your next blog post.
The first thing that keep every visitor to revisit your blog is unique and quality content because if you have some great ideas to write some quality content then some of your visitors are must revisit your blog and its helps you to get some handsome views on latest published posts. In our upcoming posts we will also discus that how you can write quality content by using some simple tricks but apart from quality content there is few things that you also need to keep in mind for getting thousands of visitors to your next blog post and below we will discussed each method will fully detail.