Most Useful Blogger Post Editor Keyboard Shortcuts

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If you’re Blogger and you mostly write your posts in blogger post editor then you must search for a list of some shortcut keys that you can use and easily write your blog posts. You can also use your mouse and make some changes while writing posts but if you know about some useful keyboard shortcut keys then its help you to write blog posts easily. You know that blogger is one advanced platform and everyone can easily start his/her blogging career with blogger network. We already shared a number of posts about how you can use blogger and make your desired changes in it but now today we’re going to share that how you can easily use keyboard shortcut keys.


What are Toxic Backlinks and How to Remove Them?

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Link building is one of the best method to boost your website ranking and if your website have some quality backlinks then there is no doubt that it will be displayed on first page in search results, so its help you to drive organic traffic on your website but if your website have some toxic backlinks then it will decrease your website ranking in search engine result pages. The latest update of Google Panda makes different changes in Google Algorithms and panelize different websites that have toxic backlinks and if any website have more unnatural backlinks than there is more chances of removing whole website pages from search results. It’s very important to consider that a link comes from genuine source or from spam source, so if it comes from any spam source then it will be consider as toxic backlink.


How to Link Google Analytics with AdSense

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Google analytics is one of the best and free service to monitor our website performance and thousands of website owners are used this service to check there website performances but if you have Google Adsense account and you want to link it with your Google Analytics account then you’re on right place because today we’re going to share one simple and easy method of linking Google Analytics to Adsense.  Many newbie’s are find it difficult and faced some problems while linking their accounts, so here we will shared each steps with fully detail to link your both accounts.
We already shared complete guide about how you can easily install Google Analytics to your website so if you’ve not yet installed it then first of all go on below link and learn how you can easily install it to your blog and then follow below procedure and connect your both accounts.


How to Add Meta Tags in Blogger Blog

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Meta tags are very important for our blog while we are going to optimize our website for search engines because search engines can’t understand your website directly so if you already added Meta tags in your template then its helps search engines to crawl your site posts and pages easily. Blogger is most used platform and there is thousands of free blogger templates that you can use and make your site more attractive and professional but mostly blogger templates are not optimized for search engines even they have one great and professional look so we must need to make some changes in these types of templates and make them fully SEO friendly. We usually share a lot of tricks about making your blogger website more awesome and in this tutorial we will also guide you about how you can easily add SEO Meta tags in blogger blog.


How to Add a Mobile Responsive Menu in Blogger

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Nowadays mostly users visit our website from different devices like Tablets, Smartphone’s and Android so we must need to make our website design mobile friendly that helps us to get more visitors from different counties because if your website is not mobile friendly and take more time while user try to access it then he/she immodestly left it and go ahead on any another site so we must need to make our website design mobile friendly and keep happy our mobile visitors. This is not a difficult job, you just need to understand some basic steps and you can easily make your website design mobile friendly.
Basically menus helps visitors to find different things in our website, for example if your website is on health topic then you must need to add some important categories of your website in the shape of menus, so user can easily navigate them and read your old posts. But just simple menu is not enough for our website because if it’s don’t work perfectly on mobile devices then we must need to customize it and make it fully responsive, below is a complete guide about what’s mobile responsive menu and how does its works.


Make Money with Adsense without Having Website

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You may have listened millions of time that if you have one blog or website then you can easily earn some handsome money by displaying Google adsense ads on your website but do you know that you can also earn some good revenue with adsense without having your own website? Yes, this is true and today I’m going to show you a method to earn money with adsense without any blog or website and if you really interested to make money with adsense then continuously read this post, it will show you a whole process to start make money with Google adsense.
Many people say that making website is little bit harder and time consuming job and of course it’s right because if you’re going to create your own website then you must need to have some good knowledge about HTML, CSS and some other languages that are used to create web pages. So if you don’t want to waste your time in making your own website then there is thousands of websites that will provide you opportunity to share your own knowledge with their readers and make money by displaying Google adsense ads with your articles and below we will discussed that how these websites works and how you can easily get paid.

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