How to Add Reply Button to Blogger Comments

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Blog comments are one of the best way to know that what your blog readers are think about your blog and what they want to know from you. If you’ve attractive and user friendly commenting system then you can easily get more comments on each post of your blog however if your commenting system is difficult then you get less comments because its create different types of problems for your website readers.

We already shared a number of posts that how you can easily customize your blog commenting system and know in this tutorials we’re going to share one simple trick that how you can easily add reply  button in comments section that help you and your site readers to make easy conservation. If you’ve some knowledge about HTML and CSS then you can also customize it according to your needs.


Blogger Will No Longer Allow Certain Sexually Explicit Content

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Blogger-Will-No-Longer-Allow-Certain Sexually-Explicit-Content
If you’re Blogger users then you must need to know that you can’t use blogger to publish certain sexually content on your blog because blogger has said that after 23 March, 2015 blogger will no longer allow anyone to publish certain sexually explicit content on your blogs. There are maybe a lot of users who have their blogs on blogger platform with different topics but if your blog don’t have any type of nudity content then you don’t need to worry about this policy update.

If you’ve logged-in to your blogger dashboard then you’ve seen one notification that “On 23 March, Blogger will no longer allow certain sexually explicit content” its mean that after few days blogger will not allow any user to publish content like this, so if you’ve any blog related to this topic then you must need to get attention about it because after it blogger can take action about your blogs and below we will discussed that what type of changes you can make in your blog and what you need to do next.


How to Display Two Ads on Top of Posts in Blogger

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Bloggers are always want to get maximum earning from their online content because if you’re spend daily a lot of time on your blog then you must want to get more money from your valuable content. There are different methods that you can used and increase your revenue and we already shared a number of tutorials on this topic that you can browse and get some spicy ideas but now today we’re going to share one simple widget that will increase your revenue in just few days.

We recently shared one another widget that you can used and display ads in popup but many advertisement network don’t allow you to display ads in popup like adsense, so here we will show you that how you can display your adsense ads on top of blog posts and get more clicks on your ads. You may’ve seen this trick on wallpapers and some photography blogs, where they have placed two ads units on top of all posts for getting maximum impressions and clicks, so here we will show you that how you can easily do it.


12 Tips to Boost Your Android Phone's Battery Life

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You know that mostly people are likes to use Android devices because you can enjoy some amazing features by using it. Many new android users are faced this problem that how they can easily save their android battery to do some activates on their phone but if your cell is off after sometime then you get bored, so today we will show you a method to save your android battery.

There are different reasons that’s why your android battery will decrease rapidly because Android mobiles have larger and brighter screens that take your a lot of battery while you’re doing some activates on your cell phone. They also have faster quad-core processor and many latest software’s are running in background of your android device, so they also take your android phone battery.


How to Float Ads in the Middle of Blogger Posts

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We already shared a number of widgets with our site readers and many of our loyal readers liked our work, so today we will comes with one another amazing trick that how you can easily float your ads in middle of blogger posts. You may have visited some blogs, where you seen a popup advertisement will be appeared and whenever you clicked on close button then it will be closed automatically. Many people think that it can be done only in wordpress but now you can also add it to your blogger blog.

If you’ve not yet understand that what’s it then just take an example of facebook popup like box that you may’ve used to get more likes, same as this widget will help you to generate more clicks on advertisements because whenever a user land on your site then it will appear in center of your blog, so many new internet users clicked your advertisements that help you to increase your revenue.


How to Remove Blogger Threaded Comments

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Blogger is one of the best and advanced platform that provides you some amazing features and you can easily customize almost everything according to you needs. Many people have added threaded comments system in their blogs that help them to make easy conservation with their readers but ever you seen that whenever you opened any post of your blog and it will take you to bottom of page? If you've faced this problem then this is problem in your threaded comments system.

You don’t need to worry about it because here we’re going to share complete guide about how you can easily remove threaded comments system from your blog and make your commenting system simple. We already shared complete guide that how you can easily customize commenting system according to you needs, so if you want to learn more about this topic then you can browser our previous tutorials.

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