How to Smoothly Zoom Images on Mouse Hover Using CSS3?

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You may have seen this feature in many websites, where you just mouse hover on image and the image will zoom automatically and when you move your mouse then it will be smoothly zoom out to its original size. This is one amazing trick and many people are crazy to know about it that how it works and how they can easily integrate it to their websites.

Previously we was done it by using JQuery that was help us to zoom images on mouse hover but you know that JQuery coding is little bit affect on our website loading speed and some time our website may take some time in loading that affect on our website ranking, so for this purpose today we will show you a method to add it in your blog by using CSS3.


How to Add PayPal Donation Button in Blogger Blog

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PayPal is one of the best online money transfer service that used by millions of people in the whole world and if you've one website where you provide your quality work or services free of cost then you must need to add PayPal donation button in your website to get some handsome extra money because there are many peoples who appreciate your hard work and must donate you some money.

You may have seen these types of donation buttons in different product and open source software's websites, where you can get everything free of cost without paying single penny. Ever you think about that where the organization will get money to run their network because for running one successful business you must need some handsome money, so if you already added this button in your blog then you may get some extra money for making your business better.


How to Add Auto Refresh System in Blogger Blog

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We already shared a number of posts about how you can make your desired changes in blogger blog and make its each part according to your needs because this is one of the best free blogging platform, where you can share anything with whole word. Here we don’t going to discuss about blogger advantages because previously we already published different posts about this topic. Today we’re going to share one amazing method that you can use and increase your pageviews.

You may have one question that how this widget will helps you to increase your blog pageviews, so in simple words whenever users land on your website for reading something informative and after reading half article they maybe go on any other website but your blog is still opened in their browsers, so if you already added this simple tool in your blog then it will keep your pages refresh that help you a lot to increase your website pageviews.


Top 10 Best Responsive Blogger Templates of 2015

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Blogger is one of the best CMS platform that used by millions of peoples in the world. Many people used it for creating professional websites for their business and in another hand some people used it for creating personal blogs because it’s free to use and provide your unlimited features. Whenever you create a new blog there is must need of one professional and attractive template that help your site to get more viewers from Google and keep your site fresh, so for this purpose we must need some templates that help us to make our website more batter.

There are thousands of websites that will provide you even millions of templates, so you may get confused to choose right template for your blog, so today we will going to share a list of top 10 templates of 2015 that have some advanced features and help you to establish one professional website. We already provided you a number of tutorials to customize your blog and make its each part according to your needs, so you can also browse them and make your site design more users friendly.


How to Add Tweet Button on Selected Text in Blogger

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Social sharing is one of the best way to boost your website traffic quickly, there are thousands of new lunched blogs that get traffic from social media sites and becomes more popular in just few months, this is because they will be able to get right audience for their websites. You can also increase your blog traffic by getting some good shares on social media sites. Previously we’ve also discussed about one of the biggest social sharing website facebook but now today we’re going to share one amazing widget that you can add in your blog and get more tweets on your posts and pages.

You know that twitter is widely used website and even millions of people daily used it for different purpose, so you can also get some benefits from it. Many people have some amazing ideas to write posts on different topics but they’re unable to get good amount of visitors on their posts, so here we will completely show you that how this widget will help you to get more traffic from twitter on your blogger blog.


How to Add Tooltip in Blogger Blog

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Tooltip is one of the best way to explain a lot of words from single word because you can just display one word on your blog page and whenever a user hover a mouse on it then some other words will appears that you’ve added in the tooltip, so today in this tutorial we will show you a method to do the whole process in blogger. You know that we already shared different tutorials about CSS and JQuery but now today here we will discuss about both of them.

You may get amazed that you can use CSS or JQuery to customize tooltip in your blog? Yes! It’s true that you can use both methods to add this amazing tool in your blog. It’s your desire that which one you want to add in your blog and make your text more smooth and professional.

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